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Hello Zeliqon 👋

There are two possible scenarios for creating a new account on ZELIQ:

  • You are the first person in your organization to join ZELIQ, in which case you will need to create a new workspace for your company.

  • Your company's workspace has already been created, and you will therefore be looking to join that workspace.

1️⃣ You are the first user in your organization:

1. Log in and select "Sign up here."

2. Input your details: name, first name, email, and password. Alternatively, choose "Register with Google" for a streamlined process.

3. Confirm your account via email.

4. Proceed to establish your company's workspace by providing its name and website. By opting in, you permit individuals signing up with the same domain to directly join your workspace. (This setting can be modified later in your preferences.)

5. Click "Create my organization" to finalize workspace setup.

🎉 Welcome to your new workspace!

Visit settings to manage team members, adjust permissions, or configure domain-based additions.

2️⃣ You are joining an existing team workspace:

There are multiple ways to join a workspace:

  1. Connect via Google login:

    Simply click "Register with Google" when logging in. The SSO key should grant direct access to your team's workspace. If this method doesn't succeed, the most straightforward alternative is to request an email invitation from your team.

  2. Receive an invitation to join the team by email.

  • Within the invitation email, select "Sign up here."

  • Then, proceed to fill out your name, first name, and email, and create a password.

  • Confirm your email address.

  • Upon completion, you should gain entry to your team workspace. If not, attempt to click the invitation link once more.

    Alternatively, if the automatic domain-based addition feature is active, you can join your team workspace seamlessly using your work email. Simply register with your work email, confirm it by clicking the validation link, and you'll obtain access to your workspace.

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