Link your email to Zeliq

How to link you email to Zeliq ?

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Hello Zeliqon 👋

You have just created your account on Zeliq, congratulations !

Now it’s time to link your Email, link your CRM and link your Calling service to Zeliq.

➡️ In this article we will see how to connect Zeliq to your Email

💡 You can connect multiple accounts to Zeliq and manage their settings independently.

✨ Let's get started!

➡️ Click on "My account", then Settings

➡️ Select “Email account”

➡️ Then connect your email using the “Connect” button next to your email provider

⚠️ If you’re facing any issue, make sure to visit the Integration article of the tool you want to link.

💡 More specific articles are listed below :

  • Google Integration

  • Outlook Integration (soon)

👎🏼 If you’re facing more issues, please get in touch with our support using the live chat.

Enjoy 💚

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