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Creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Steps to help you create your ICP

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Creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a crucial step in building a successful sales strategy. By identifying the key characteristics of your ideal customer, you can tailor your sales efforts to target the right companies, address their pain points, and increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Here are the steps to create your ICP :

1) Analyze Your Existing Data:

  • Collect data from your CRM and identify key trends among your customers.

  • Categorize customers based on firmographics such as industry, company size, revenue, funding, technology stack, and location.

  • Compare these attributes with their profitability scores and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

  • Look for patterns between certain firmographics and customer longevity, sales cycles, and churn.

💡 Understand your value proposition by answering these questions:

  • What problems are your prospects trying to solve?

  • Which of your current customers are getting the most out of your product(s) or service(s)?

  • What do your best customers have in common?

  • What do the customers of your closest competitors have in common?

2) Rank Your Customers:

When analyzing your data, make a list of your best and worst customers. Think about what makes them such a good fit or a big risk. Remember, there's no "right" indicator to determine the ideal customer profile for your business.

What's important for one company is not necessarily important for another. You need to adapt your analysis to your company's objectives.

Tips: You can classify them according to their ROI or CSAT.

  • Create a list of your best and worst customers based on various metrics.

  • Consider what makes certain customers a great fit or a risk to take on.

  • Discuss the common objections faced by your Sales and Customer Success teams.

  • Define the key attributes that are most important for your company based on team objectives and success metrics.

3) Dissect Your Success:

  • Analyze the approach you took to close and maintain your best customers in detail.

  • Use this information to understand your customers better and tailor your products or services to their needs.

  • Identify the types of Personas within your ICP – Personas represent the specific characteristics of individuals falling within your Ideal Customer Profile.

4) Build Your ICP:

  • Use the data gathered and conclusions drawn from your analysis to set the parameters for your ICP.

  • Specify the metrics and attributes that define your ideal customers based on your company's goals.

  • Create a clear and detailed ICP that represents the target companies that you want to focus on.

🔬An example of an Ideal Customer Profile for ZELIQ could be:

Targeted Industry

Growth-oriented technology company in a phase of rapid development.

Company Size

Growing SMEs (100-500 employees) looking to accelerate their adoption of technology.

Job Title: CEO, Head of Sales.

Needs and challenges

  • Need to streamline and automate business processes to boost operational efficiency.

  • Interest in adopting emerging technologies to stay competitive in the market and anticipate future trends.


  • Accelerate business growth by optimizing internal processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

  • Maximize the use of data to make informed, predictive business decisions.

Remember, you can have multiple ICPs if your company offers products or services that cater to different pain points. Once you have a well-defined ICP, you can align your sales and marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage your ideal customers. This will lead to improved customer relationships, increased sales, and overall business growth.

💡An ICP and a Persona are not the same. While an ICP focuses on measurable data and characteristics of the target businesses or individuals, a Persona delves into qualitative data, like pain points, goals, and personality types, to understand the kinds of individuals that fall within your Ideal Customer Profile.

Both the ICP and Persona are valuable in guiding your sales and marketing strategies, but defining the ICP comes first before defining a persona.

What can ZELIQ do to help you find your ICPs?

Our platform offers you an all-in-one workspace for:

  • Search for prospects using our Search and specific filters or our LinkedIn Extension 👥 ;

  • Import your CRM data or CSV files 🛬;

  • Enrich your prospects with telephone and e-mail contact details ✨ ;

  • Segment your lists with customized views 🗂️ ;

  • Create automated multi-channel sequences 🚀.

👩🏼‍💻 For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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