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How do you improve your cold emailing deliverability?
How do you improve your cold emailing deliverability?

Ways to Avoid Spam Filters in Your Cold Email Outreach

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Have you ever imagined achieving a cold emailing outreach strategy with zero bounced emails?

In this article, we'll provide insights on how to bypass spam filters when sending cold emails to potential prospects. You'll gain valuable tips, best practices, and actionable strategies to enhance your campaign's performance. 🚀

Definition of Spam Filters

Email Service Providers (ESPs) implement spam filters to prevent their customers and users from receiving unwanted and poor-quality emails.

As a cold emailer, it's important to view spam filters as a positive tool. When your emails successfully reach your prospects' main inbox, they're less likely to be automatically flagged as spam.💣

Actionable Ways to Avoid Spam Filters

a. Add Your SPF and DKIM Records

❤️‍🔥 Make sure you disconnect and then reconnect your email account to ZELIQ once you have made changes those changes.

SPF and DKIM Records are methods of email authentication. They allow email servers to identify who is sending emails and verify if they’re trustworthy or not. ✅

Most spammers don't bother setting up their email accounts properly before sending out tons of spam. By taking a few minutes to configure your account correctly, you'll boost your email deliverability and reduce the risk of getting caught in spam filters.

Luckily, setting up these records isn't too technical. Just follow the steps provided by your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Click on the following links to set up SPF and DKIM on Gmail and Outlook.

💡 Once you have connected your email to ZELIQ, you can check if your SPF and DKIM records have been added correctly by clicking on your initials, then "Email Accounts", clicking on your domain's name, and opening the window "DNS Settings".

b. Keep Your Sending Volume Low

The volume of emails you send is crucial in determining whether your cold emails end up in spam filters.

Sending too many emails from one address can harm your sender's reputation and increase the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.

To steer clear of spam filters and boost your response rate, it's best to keep your sending volume lower and focus on personalizing each email more. This approach ensures better deliverability and engagement.🦾

💡Control the number of emails you send within ZELIQ by clicking on your initials, then "Email Accounts", clicking on your domain's name, and opening the window "Safety Settings".

We recommend you to send between 50 and 80 emails per day.

c. Send The Right Emails To The Right People And Personalize Them

Having the right prospects is key to ensuring your emails don't get caught in spam filters.

🧐 When you're reaching out, ask yourself:

  • Are these people genuinely interested in what I have to say?

  • Have I done my research to personalize each email?

  • Can I offer them real solutions to their business challenges?

Asking these questions helps ensure you're targeting the right audience and keeping your outreach focused.

By narrowing down your prospect list, you'll have more time to personalize each email, making it more likely to resonate with recipients. Plus, with fewer emails sent, ESPs are less likely to flag your messages as spam.

Use ZELIQ's variables to personalize each email you send with at least their name, company name, and a little detail that shows you've done your homework! 😉

For example, instead of starting with your pitch, kick things off with something personal. Maybe you noticed they were featured in a podcast, or their company made headlines in the local news.

Simple, right?

d. Leave Out The Attachment

Even if your sales deck is top-notch, bombarding your prospects with it in your first email isn't the way to go.💥

Plus, spam filters tend to be extra cautious with emails that have attachments and are sent to cold prospects.

To avoid getting lost in the spam folder, it's best to skip attachments initially and focus on starting a conversation and building rapport with your prospect in your first email.

This approach is more likely to lead to responses and positive outcomes from your outreach efforts.🤩

e. Verify Email Addresses Before Sending Your Email

Suppose Email Service Providers (ESPs) and spam filters detect a significant number of bounced emails from your account. In that case, this issue will escalate, increasing the likelihood of your emails being flagged by spam filters in the future.🫣

Don't worry, ZELIQ got your back! We verify every email address of your sequence's lead before sending them, to avoid damaging the health of your domain!

There's no guaranteed way to ensure your cold emails steer clear of the spam filter. Even the most well-crafted cold email campaigns might end up with a few emails finding their way into the spam folder. But, by following these steps, you can start to reduce the likelihood of this happening in your campaigns.🤩

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