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How to send an email via Zeliq ?
How to send an email via Zeliq ?
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Did you finally get that coveted email from a lead through Zeliq and want to contact them?

Here's how...

Go to "my lead" or "organization leads".

If you go through organization leads, make sure the lead is assigned to you.

In both cases, if you don't have an email address for this contact then it will not be possible to click on the envelope.

  1. Hover over the name of the desired contact to display the envelope icon on the right side of the screen

2. Click on the envelope. You are now in the Outreach section

  • You can access this section directly by clicking on "Outreach" in the navigation bar. However, you will inevitably be on the contact of the oldest task

3. Write your email as you would on a classic messaging tool.

More info :

  • Access the history of exchanges and notes in the activity section

  • Have more context on the strategy or personality of the contact in the sections for this purpose

  • Select templates, previously created in the template tab.

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