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Bouncing Emails: Causes and Impact
Bouncing Emails: Causes and Impact
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What does a bounced email mean?

🔎 A bounce is a response from a mail server or mailbox provider telling the sender that an email wasn’t delivered. When an email bounces, it doesn’t make it to the recipient’s inbox— but instead, the mailbox provider returns it to the sender.

Why are some email addresses bouncing?

☝️ There are several reasons why email addresses are bouncing:

  • The recipient's domain or email address doesn’t exist;

  • The recipient's email box is full so they are not able to receive new emails;

  • Delays or temporary issues on the recipient's side;

  • The sender domain has a low reputation: If your email sender's reputation is poor due to factors such as previous spam reports or low engagement rates, some email servers may bounce your emails;

  • The recipient's email server settings are strict and reject emails from certain domains or with specific characteristics.

💡 A high bounce rate can seriously impact your email delivery and overall sender reputation. Your bounce rate as a sender should never exceed 10%.

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