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Prioritizing thanks to Tasks Management & Lead Scoring
Prioritizing thanks to Tasks Management & Lead Scoring

Discover how ZELIQ helps you prioritize your actions

Updated over a week ago

Sales and prospecting are all about timing, isn't it? ⏱️

This article will tackle how ZELIQ will help you boost your productivity and focus on what matters the most: selling. 💸

1. Organizing your working view

ZELIQ enables you and your team to organize and personalize your view with the most interesting data!

💫 As easy as it seems, you just need to check the columns you want to display (or uncheck the ones you don't want to display 😉) to create the perfect view.

Best practices as a Head of SDR or Sales Lead

As ZELIQ is a workspace gathering all the users in the same environment, you can easily manage your Team leads portfolio.

For that, to have an overview of one of your team members, you just need to click on its name, and filter by status for example.

🤓 Click here and have a look at my article about status to apply them properly!

Pro Tip: Make sure to display the "Next Task" column. As timing is key in the sales process, your team always needs to fill in a "Next Task" for each lead once they have been contacted for the first time (eg, when the status is other than "New").

💡This point is crucial to make sure your sales team will keep track of the actions he must do and be notified 5 minutes before the task time.

✨👆If you assign a lead to another member of your team, the task will be transmitted too 🫶

Best practices as a SDR

As an SDR, you can manage your working view directly from "My Leads" and create lists according to your organization! 🥳

N.B: Columns with the "✨" icon means that it will be the data enriched by ZELIQ.
On the contrary, the columns without the "✨" are the data that you manually completed or imported from CRM or CSVs for example 😉

Pro Tip: check our article to create views and use labels like a pro! 🦾

2. Lead Scoring

ZELIQ lead scoring is based on interactions and your lead engagement (emails, phone calls, next tasks...)

The Lead Scoring enables you to prioritize your everyday tasks!

You can also see all your overdue, daily, and upcoming tasks to have a great overview of your actions 👇

👩🏼‍💻 For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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