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Understanding Lead Status In ZELIQ
Understanding Lead Status In ZELIQ

Discover the meaning of ZELIQ's status

Updated over a week ago

In this article, we'll walk you through the different lead statuses in ZELIQ. Knowing these statuses will help you keep track of where each lead stands in your sales process. Let’s get started! 🚀

1. New 🆕

When a lead is marked as New, it means they've just entered your pipeline and haven't been contacted yet. Time to make that first move and turn this fresh lead into an opportunity!

2. Hunting 🏹

Hunting status is for those leads you're actively pursuing. You're reaching out, trying to connect, and working on getting their attention. Keep up the hunt and stay persistent!

3. Connected 🤝

A lead marked as Connected means you've successfully made contact. You've had a conversation, and now it's time to build on that connection. Great job getting this far!

4. Nurturing SDR 🌱

When a lead is in the Nurturing SDR stage, it means you're building a relationship over time. Share valuable information, stay in touch, and keep them engaged until they're ready to move forward.

5. Bad Timing

Bad Timing indicates that the lead is not ready to proceed right now. Maybe they have other priorities or a limited budget. Don’t give up! Check back in the future to see if the timing improves.

6. Disqualified 🚫

A Disqualified lead does not fit your criteria or isn’t a good fit for your product/service. It's important to identify these leads quickly so you can focus your efforts on more promising opportunities.

7. Meeting Booked 📅

Congratulations! Meeting Booked means you've successfully scheduled a meeting with the lead. Prepare for your meeting, and make sure to bring your A-game to convert this into a sale!

💡 Pro Tip: Don't forget that Timing is key in the sales process! Make sure to display the "Next Task" column. Your team always needs to fill in a "Next Task" for each lead once they have been contacted for the first time (eg, when the status is other than "New").

We hope this guide helps you navigate the lead statuses in ZELIQ.
Happy selling! 😊

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