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How to create a sequence ?
How to create a sequence ?
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Do you have a strategy in your communication and you wish to automate the sending of emails?

Here's how 👇

What is a sequence?

A sequence is a series of automated actions. On Zeliq you can schedule a series of emails and decide which days and to whom the sequence should be sent.

How to create a sequence?

Before starting, I invite you to check that the leads are properly assigned to the right person and that the assigned person's gmail account is connected to Zeliq.

  • Go to the "Sequence" section

  • Click on "+Create a new Sequence", located at the top right of the screen

  • Choose the source of your leads

In "My leads" only your leads will be visible. Useful only if you are creating the sequence in your name.

If you are creating the sequence for one of your collaborators then I invite you to source the leads directly from "organizations leads".

  • Start to build your sequence (1) and click on "send an email" (2)

At present it is possible to send only emails. In the future other actions will be possible.

If you wish to add other emails to the sequence, then click on "+". (1)

You can choose the number of days between each send (2)

Once your scenario is set up you can make your message:

  • Specify a subject (1) and write your message (2) by inserting variables (3) or using a template (4)Add an attachment (5)

  • Set up the sending conditions and decide when you want to stop the sequence

  • Enrich the leads for which the email address is missing. This point is essential in order to send the sequence.

  • Check for potential errors and send the sequence

Well done!

How to know the existing sequences and their performances?

You can view your live sequences or those being prepared (draft).

You can analyze the overall performance of the sequences directly at the top of the screen (1) or the performance of each sequence below each ongoing sequence (2)

Happy prospecting!

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